San Francisco
6. Outta Sight Pizza
Civic Center

Chef Eric Ehler’s Outta Sight pizza pop-up at Fig & Thistle wine bar quickly became one of our favorite pies in the city, so we were stoked when he opened a permanent spot open seven days a week in the TL with colorful chill vibes and those same delicious crisp-bottomed and generously-sized slices. Options include all of the classics (cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, and peppers, etc.), plus, like it or not, what’s become a California classic: the #50 with ham and pineapple. You can also get all of them as whole pies except the Lunch Lady, a square slice topped with vodka sauce, three cheeses, and basil. Salads, hoagies, and other snacks are in the work.
How to order: Walk-in. For pick-up, call 415-829-3108 or get it delivered from DoorDash.

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