3. Misfit Snack Bar
City Park

The gist: Yet another James Beard nominee of 2023, Chef Bo Porytko reinvents the concept of bar food at East Colfax’s Middleman.
The food: Let’s just say this ain’t your mama's pub grub. Bo Porytko and co-owner Jareb Parker know that folks heading to Middleman are looking for innovative, slam-punch craft cocktails—and that the food offerings need to match their rep. That’s how you get crispy, gooey ham and cheese croquettes, poached potatoes with curd cheese and salmon roe, and “My F*cking Burger” (fries an additional $3). Despite being a drink hotspot, it’s understandable to head here just for the snack menu.
How to book: Walk-ins only; no reservations required

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